Chelsea forward Eden Hazard believes he could worth 300 million pounds in the current transfer market.

The transfer fee for Neymar has affected the transfer market as a whole as clubs have increased the valuation of their players which has led to huge fees being paid for players.

Hazard made the declaration during an interview with HNL where he stated: “I really don’t know how much a club would be willing to for me. Maybe 300 million pounds? Well it all depends on how the market is. Neymar is a player with great potential and a Brazilian. He is younger than me and featured for Barcelona. The transfer fee is also influenced by the number of years the player had on their contract and other factors. We will have to see how much I am truly worth if a club makes a bid for me.

I Wanted Barcelona Move

“I don’t pay attention to transfers that much although I thought that I could move to Barcelona after Neymar left.

“When a player leaves a team, there is always someone there to replace him at the club and if that’s not me then it would be someone else. But I am doing great here at Chelsea and I want to keep doing my best for the club.”

On the other hand Hazard revealed that he is happy that he has been highly rated by Ronaldo.