Google is now digressing from the design of fitting its devices with special depth sensors for Android Augmented reality to building software’s that enable developers to mix graphics using a camera and motion tracking hardware that portrays a feeling of reality

This is a paradigm that mirrors Apple’s mixed-reality strategy which was recently revealed as a new design for their Augmented Reality Apps.

The products are set to be available after the unveiling of its mobile iOS 11 version, sadly this new development, however, implies that older versions of their devices (iPad Air 2, iPhone 6) will not be able to run the AR apps due to the processor demands.

Regardless of the popularity of iOS ‘s ARKIT seen in Pokémon Go which maps an item to a location, google has named a rivalry AR themed Kit ARCore which portrays cartoon objects on flat surfaces like a tabletop and the street with its characters responding to real humans and pets as seen on a published YouTube video.

Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy To Kick Off Test

Google’s Pixel phones and Samsung’s Galaxy S8 handsets are the only phones that the test has currently been run on. Other phones to be added to the train includes Huawei, LG, Asus as the target number of devices for the company is 100 million.

Before now, google has been placing more attention on the Project Tango which takes depth measurement using a sensor and an infrared projector.