Capcom officially announced the latest addition to Street Fighter V roster by the fighters. Menat, the eyes of the future will be available for download on August 29, 2017
The company did not pretend that the last character in Street Fighter V was discovered during the “Top 8” competition in Hong Kong’s e Sports Festival in 2017. Many fans have figured it to be Menat, also known as a wizard, because Twitter has introduced a crystal ball.

“Circling some of the other movements on the trailer seems to have a sliding attack, and the reflection is to deal with the scenes,” he continued. “Your V-trigger imagines six balls on the screen, and they attack the opponent and can be used with the crystal ball.”

This Egyptian mystic is first shown in the history of Ed Cutscene like Rose’s trainee

She was also the same as the silhouette of the season 2. Menat has three suits: his standard suit, the look of a campaign and combat suits. Furthermore, several 30-year-old bones are available to other characters when the DLC falls.

Capcom is surely good at his promise that things will remain alive after the SFV begins. The second season of Street Fighter V gave us the back of Akum and the presentation of Kolin, Ed, and Abigail and now Menat, making the total number of fighters positioned to 27. According to the truth drippings of the internet on DLC So far Guy Master Zek is probably the last character to be included later this season.

Street Fighter V saw the world first release almost exactly one year and a half, on February 16, 2016, and is available for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. The Steam version was also launched, although it promised the Linux port never came.