HBO’s social media accounts have been hacked in the latest cyber security breach that the company is now facing.

A group named as OurMine seems to have taken command of the original HBO social media accounts, and other network’s series including Game of Thrones.

“We are here. OurMine is running a test with your security”. One posts said.

One of the recent cyber security attack hitting the entertainment company following hackers leaking of the firms’ data as well as Game of Thrones scripts.

Immediately some post on the social media wall was deleted

However, on the request of the reporters, the entertainment firm did not make any comment.

The groups called OurMine are well-known for compromising top profile Twitter accounts.

Just Last year alone it hacked the accounts of Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, Google chief executive Sundar Pichai, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, and Netflix.

This breach is one of the latest series of security blow for HBO in recent time.

The anonymous hacker groups came out to say they have hijacked 1.5TeraByte of data from the firm in July.

Out of nowhere, the group leaked the firm’s data, unaired episode of the other movie series like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Insecure, as well as Game of Throne Scripts.

Four People Arrested Over Hack

Alongside, four individuals have been detained for releasing an episode of Game of Thrones ahead of its broadcast date. The individuals involved were current and ex-workers from a Mumbai-based firm that saves and processes the TV series for an online streaming service.

The next leak happened from Europe. An episode from the fantasy TV series was wrongly aired directly to its broadcaster’s Nordic and Spanish online streaming site days before its fixed aired date.

The episode, named “Death is the Enemy” has been removed since; however, it was already duplicated and broadcasted on various file-sharing network sites.