According to confirmation by Variety, Lady Gaga has to succumb to a deposition in the present legal war between Dr. Luke, a producer, and Kesha, a pop singer.

Dr. Luke is filing a lawsuit against Kesha for defamation, which turned out to be the most recent in the long-lasted battle that started in 2014 when Kesha announced publicly that Dr. Luke abused her. In 2014, the producer filed a complaint against the pop singer for breaching their contract – failure to work on her third album under her deal.

Kesha sues Dr. Luke

Kesha filed a countersuit alleging the producer had raped and abused her verbally for the past years. As such, she wants to be released from the deal.

Dr. Luke’s crew made the motion to subpoena Gaga regarding an exchange of text between Kesha and Gaga. An insider disclosed that the message might work out to favor Dr. Luke. Gaga will be laid down next month; there may be several hours of interview session by the attorneys.

Gaga’s representative wasn’t available for comments but gave Variety a statement in July pointing out that Gaga has given out all the necessary information she has, and her legal team will be on the court. The rep for Gaga went on to say that Dr.Luke’s team is trying to cover the truth and call the attention of the press to their matter by exaggerating Gaga’s role and accusing her of hiding necessary requests.

Will the masses know that Stefani Germanotta is Lady Gaga?

Following the subpoena served on Lady Gaga by Luke’s lawyer because she has useful information, as well other things related about Dr. Luke as disclosed to her by Kesha, the question above came to be.

Dr. Luke’s counsel is yet to get a deposition from Lady Gaga despite many requests. A litigate attorney will stand in for Gaga when she comes at the deposition. It could be recalled that Dr. Luke filed a lawsuit against Kesha’s mother, Pebe Sebert in 2014 and 2016. However, he dropped the case in June.