“Yes,” Craig Colbert said empty space when he asked if he would return as a secret agent. He said he was aware that he would again take over the role of “a few months”. “We talked about it, just try to understand things,” he said, adding: “I always wanted, I had to pause”.

He also confirmed that it would be the last time he would address the cult role and said. “I just want to go on a high note, and I cannot wait”.

Craig Tuesday morning said the radio program in Boston: “I would love to burst the bubble, but so far it has not made any decision there is a lot of noise outside and nothing officially confirmed, and I do not like to think more. Do something in or out of money. It’s just a very personal decision that needs to be taken at this time, “Craig said this morning 106.7 magic.”I know they are desperate to go and in theory, to do so, but there is still no decision.”

Craig noted that they had earlier talked during the Late Show show and said, “I have to apologize to all the people I did interviews today, because I wanted to say,” referring to Colbert.

He added he said “a very stupid answer”, instead of telling something with style and grace

Craig plays Casino Royale Agent 007 and has since played three films of James Bond: Quantum of Solace, 2008, 2012 and 2015 Sky fall. Craig was news after the last release to make negative comments about the prospect of continued work. “I’d rather break this glass and cut the veins,” said the star in 2015 with Time Out London returning to paper.

As for your comments, Colbert said, “There is no point in saying that, but that was two days after I was ready to make the last movie, and I went straight into an interview where someone asked,” What do you want one? “And I went,” No! “