The game enthusiasts know the gist by now. The highly placed Japanese game firm, Nintendo took up an idea that was effected in the Switch – their new system. The Nintendo Switch is a portable gaming platform and game console. It was launched last March and had a big opening.

It features a hybrid game system and a game controller that allows the switch from a couple of halves to two distinct controllers. The big thing now is this; the driver feature has been spotted by Gamevice that says the function is similar to its product.

Akin products Gamevice sued Nintendo for infringement of the patent law. Gamevice claims that the variable controllers, Joy-Con employed on the Nintendo’s Switch system are copied after similar products it has patterned for use with tablet computers.

A patent given to Gamevice in 2015 for game controller device was a clear evidence

The controller setup features a set of buttons, a directional pad, and joysticks that let the tablet user play various tablet-based games. These features are similar to the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons. The Joy-Cons, when fixed to a dock in console mode, the wireless pair acts as a controller.

Gamevice is clamoring for the court to mete out proper sanction including damage awards and make Nintendo stop the production of Joy-Cons.

The Gamevice Company began as WikiPad in 2008 and was founded by Brendan Iribe who is presently Oculus VR’s CEO. It got a patent for its use of tablet controller rig in 2015 before the coming of Nintendo Switch.

Gamevice featured in the 2012-13 wireless controllers; presently, the firm is working towards producing compatible gamepads for Apple iPad devices, with a recent variation in 2017.