Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio – he invited Blossom Music Center as “Summer House of the Cleveland Orchestra.” James Taylor would be able to forgive the question: “What is with me”.

Last night was held for the 25th time the singer and songwriter 69 in the bloom of his debut 43 years, July 28, 1974. This is more concerts than any other pop artist in the history of amphitheatre.

In 1974 Taylor played with Linda Ronstadt anthem. This time the couple was Bonnie Raitt. Who spent the seventies recognized blues and roots publishing and the 1980s and 90s, the fame and truck Grammy slices won demanding rock as “Nick of Time”, “Fortune” and “Life in the Heart.”

Taylor and Raitt create new music in their own way, a little slower today

Taylor has released only two studio albums since 2002, and the last is “Before this world” in 2015 Raised four studio albums since 2000, and the last is “digging” in 2016.

But they are the perfect combination for a summer evening in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame flower with deep wells great songs; it is still capable of delivering magic.

Set of two hours of Taylor’s 21 songs was surprised to bring pleasure to me by making her debut “Carolina In My Mind” in 1968 and put you up with the classic rock of soft rock “National Road”, “Don” t They make it this lonely night “” Something in the way we move, sweet baby James ” fire and rain ‘,’ stimulates people and much more. (“Rain People” was a shop window for many years of singers Cleveland Taylor and Arnold McCullers’s registration).