Floyd Mayweather has made a formal request to make use of 8oz gloves in his fight against Conor McGregor on the 26th of August in Las Vegas.

Mayweather, a former 5 weight world champion sent the required waiver to Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) on Wednesday, just hours before the allocated time frame elapsed.

The NAC is the body that sanctioned the bout and has revealed that they expect a similar request for Conor McGregor.

The rules of NAC stated that fighters can use 10oz gloves for fights that are at 154 lbs.

Lighter Gloves, More Effect

Although lighter gloves give less cushion they are more effective for punching.

Mayweather revealed last week on his Instagram page that he will make use of an 8oz Grant gloves.

But the boxer who recently came out of retirement had not made an official request to that effect. But asked his team to make the necessary enquiries.

The executive director of the NAC revealed that he has not seen the use of 8oz gloves in a 154lbs fight before.

The rules state that only 10oz gloves can be used in fights that are from 135lbs but an 8oz can be approved if a waiver is signed by both parties and approved by the NAC.

“Even if the fighters both agree to use one, we will still put safety first,” Bennett said. “We would only go against this rule if it is approved by the chairman and commissioners.”