Google will soon unveil Android 8.0 that will fit the Nexus and Pixel devices. When this happens, Pixels will have a real storage trick that will not be available on other trendy platforms.

The upcoming Android 8.0 can stream updates from OS, even when the device storage is not available. The implication is that you no longer get the ‘storage full’ pop up when you want to update new Android features. With the Android 8.0, you don’t have to go through the stress of freeing up storage space just to run the recent Android versions.

Google updates on the upcoming Android 8.0

Google disclosed a new documentation that explains an impressive trick of the new feature that was seen somewhat in the Android 7.0 Pixel phones. Pixel phones have a two system partitioning arrangement that lets users update swiftly, its principle of operation is simple. While system B updates, system A is kept. Once system B completes its update, it turns out to be the phone’s OS once the phone is restarted.

The Android 8 will have streaming updates – updates can be performed without free storage on the phone. Update data will load from the internet to the offline partition and encrypted block by block, and set to boot. According to Ars Technica, an update will require about 100KB of available space and metadata, unlike the whooping 1GB usually required for a successful update.

What’s the catch? You don’t have to delete any application, pictures or other contents to experience fast updates. But the Android 8.0 will need more storage to activate these streaming features.

Ars also disclosed that the new feature would be available for Android 7.0 devices and coming series of the mobile OS through a Google Play Update. Indeed, this is great news, but not for those without the Pixel phones. At the moment, you can only find devices with dual boot features with the Google Pixels.