Just like it was rumored, the Spotify for Xbox One has been confirmed to be just a little away from launching, making it possible to catch a feeling of what streaming music on the console looks like. Very soon, the music streaming service will be available on the Xbox one, just after two years when Spotify was launched for the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft launched Spotify Music for Xbox’s official page

Microsoft released the official product page of the Spotify Music for Xbox on its store. The firm states that the free app is designed to let users enjoy their favorite music while they play The Xbox One’s games. All tracks can be played for free on the app, but those who opt for the Spotify Premium subscription will not be interrupted by advertisements. Likewise, users can browse through selective gaming playlists designed for different moods and games. The file takes up a storage memory of about 1.07MB to 1.67MB.

Speculations were that the music app could be available for the Windows 10 devices, but according to Windows Central’s Jez Corden, Spotify Music for Xbox is an app based on HTML that is designed to be compatible with TVs. The app can be likened to the Spotify versions for Android TV and other related devices.

The Spotify for Xbox one is a definition of music streaming service. With this, users can browse for music via the app, line up playlists, initiate playback from their music libraries and perform other activities. Users can also manipulate the Spotify app on the console via the Android and iOS app of the music playing device.

Possible downsides of Xbox One

Unlike other Spotify versions, the Xbox One can’t download music. As such, you cannot enjoy your playlist when offline. It also doesn’t download full-screen visuals and music videos.

Presently, there’s no fixed date for the launch of Spotify Xbox One, but with the preparations, start of official product page and tests of the app going trendy, gamers may soon be able to stream music while playing games.

The release of the pre-order of the Xbox One X may coincide with the arrival of Spotify. The Xbox One X was described as the most efficient console, and it features much raw power than the PlayStation 4 Pro.