Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippine President described North Korean Fuhrer Kim Jong Un on Wednesday as a “fool” and “bastard” for treatment to hold an international meeting a few days before Manila tests long-time = TRUNC Pyongyang.

Do not blame for “playing with dangerous toys,” set a stage for a rare meeting next week, part of the foreign ministers of all countries meeting in Korean Peninsula Kim.

North Korea is determined to develop a nuclear-capable US Missing Project and officials in Washington could say on Saturday that a test of intercontinental ballistic missile shows that most countries were able to achieve.

“The Kim Jong-un, the fool … to play dangerous toys, stupid” Duterte told tax officials in his speech

The bruised face that looks good, the bastard, if you make a mistake, will be infertile land in the Far East; you have to stop this nuclear war.

“A limited conflict and it explodes here, I tell you, it stimulates the country, it can exhaust resources and do not know what will happen to us.”

This year, Dortes ASEAN President (ASEAN) on Monday and his Foreign Minister, ASEAN Regional Forum hosts 27 countries together, including bringing Australia, China, India, Japan, Russia, North and South Korea and the United States.

It was the first time Kim Duterte was criticized for his nuclear ambitions. In April, he asked for an opinion and called on the United States to demonstrate restraint rather than engaging with a man who “wants to end the world.”
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who will attend a meeting in Manila, said on Tuesday he wanted to emphasize dialogue with North Korea at any time and was not an enemy and that the United States did not want to overthrow the regime,