Remember, a third-party driver who was using his brother / cousin / friend when he visited his home at NES Day? Think of the pain we feel when the joystick was not very good and that you were cum in Mortal Combat while you were busy trying to figure out why you kept your character coming up? Now, the driver is not the case.

All controllers are the third project in theory, can be used on any console. You can connect to macros and buttons to quickly set up on your Xbox, PS4 or a switch. It also has a 40-hour battery and can be connected to a computer.

“The connection to the consoles would be as simple as plugging a custom USB adapter,” writes the Creator. “This device joins the driver all on the Xbox 360, the Xbox One, the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4. Additional support for the Nintendo Wii, have also added Wii U and switches. It also provides a USB adapter, all 11 USB drivers for WLAN usage from each game from Windows, Mac, Linux or Android. ”

Why do you want something?

Well, $ 88 cheaper than buying an additional driver for each of your systems. In addition, the system can perform 16 profiles, allowing you to assign system or gaming keys to macros and add more speed and other special combinations.

The team raises $ 60,000 and is halfway down. The team will be there in March 2018, so there are a lot of product-related risks at this time. Gizmodo is practical, however, indicating that it could be a solid device, a suitable game.

Although you will not get all the features of the Xbox controller of your standard PS4 , you may be able to offset the speed you can hit the Konami code or how you can quickly enter the Mega enemies. The tear of tears can pass on to his cousin or brother while playing in the official controls of this controller.