A gold copy of the lunar landing module which was presented by the French Jewelers to Neil Armstrong, a US astronaut has been stolen from an Ohio museum. Police can only get a little from the recordings of the security footage.

The incident happened late Friday from Neil’s namesake museum situated in his home place of Wapakoneta. However, the blurry image of the person whole stole the artifact as caught in security camera has not been very useful to the police in making investigations.

Gold copy of the US pinched module

The artifact has a height of about five inches which is equivalent to 13cm. It’s a solid gold representation of the Lunar Excursion Module in 1969 that conveyed the first humans to the moon. The replica is one out of the three designed by Cartier.

The three gold replicas made by Cartier were presented to Apollo 11 astronauts -Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins and Neil Armstrong when they visited Paris. These astronauts got their gifts as part of the celebrated movement to and from space in 1969.

According to the museum, the worth of the stolen artifact cannot be measured in cents or dollars. Authorities couldn’t give a tentative value for the missing object.

Speaking of the incident, the Armstrong Air & Space Museum said in a post on Facebook that the theft at the museum affects everyone because it denies everyone the opportunity to enjoy the history with such artifacts.
However, the Police in Wapakoneta see such action as a collective one, pointing out that it wasn’t just a person. The police added that only one of the individuals involved in the theft broke into the museum on Friday via the front entrance.

More than just the gold replica is missing

The police said that other items in the same display were also stolen. These items include presentation coins and award medals. The museum had much security equipment in place including door alarms, video surveillance and other measures, but it’s unknown how the thief maneuvered these security systems.

In a statement, the Wapakoneta Police Chief, Russel Hunlock said that the investigation continues and information will be released as time goes on. However, this information will be released to an extent where the integrity of the investigation will be compromised.

The theft case took place just after the 48th anniversary of the debut lunar landing which happened on July 20. The anniversary featured one of the astronauts, Aldrin.