Angelina Jolie is debunking an idea that was posted about how the casting directors who chose the actors for the film she directed played a game with the kids they auditioned. The new movie directed by Jolie – First They Killed My Father- has a story published about it in Jolie’s Vanity Fair cover story.

Vanity Fair says the casting directors played game

According to Vanity Fair, in a bid to choose their lead who will take up the role of Loung Ung, the casting directors put up a game. They set money on the table, told the child to brainstorm about what she could do with the money, and then take it away. In the game, the director would act to catch the child who snatched the money, and the kid would frame up words.
Many don’t see such game as being right because it’s emotionally abusive.

Angelina speaks of the story

In a statement released by Jolie to the Huffington Post, she assured everyone that the story was taken beyond context, and there were doctors, guardians, and parents during the shoot.

She added that every step was taken to ensure that the children on the filming were safe and comfortable from the auditions to the present time. Jolie pointed out that she feels upset by the publication of the story like it was a real life situation, whereas it was a mere improvisation from a real scene in the movie.

She cleared the air saying that real money was never taken from any child during the audition, as she wouldn’t even buy such idea.