Royal Bank of Canada and Mac Otakara, two primary sources of information said that the launching of iPhone 8 would be delayed with one big feature canceled. Likewise, there will be a reduced color option for the forthcoming iPhone 8.

According to the news sources, the iPhone 8 is one of the evident updates in the history of iPhone, but its released date will be delayed.

Mac Otakara information about the iPhone 8

Mac Otakara had recorded favorite exclusives over the years, and in its recent news about iPhone 8, Otakara said the first shipment of iPhone 8 would be between October and November – Apple’s first quarter of fiscal 2018.

Otakara added that the white color option of the iPhone 8 had been removed – this falls in line with the exclusive made earlier by Otakara. Likewise, it reports that the Touch ID has been scrapped as well and will not feature in the power button. On the face of it, the chances of having the Touch ID included in the screen appears to be low.

To the iPhone enthusiasts, here’s the big one! The facial recognition technology will override the usual Touch ID. Apple may have to prove that this new technology is secure, convenient, quick and efficient in different conditions – bright sunlight, low light, when wearing lenses or sunglasses, and others that make it rank over the Galaxy S8.

Royal Bank of Canada piles on the specs

Analyst, Amit Daryanani concurs with Mac Otakara saying that the suggested iPhone 8 delay may linger till October with volume shipments taking place by November/December period.

Consequently, a rowdy pre-Christmas rush may occur, leading to an increased price of the phone by third party sales. As such, the envisaged rise in the price of the iPhone 8 during the festive period may cut down the excitement among users.

At this rate, the iPhone 8’s largest changes will need to be arousing in reality as they appear on paper.