Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho opened up about how emotional he got after the club’s former captain Wayne Rooney left the club to join Everton.

Wayne Rooney decided to return to his old school this season after spending 13 years at Manchester United.

England and Manchester United’s All-Time Leading Goalscorer

During his time at Manchester United, he became all time highest goal scorer for the club and England. But he only started 15 games in the league.

Mourinho admitted that he was already missing Rooney and it would be difficult to replace him.

“I miss not having him on the team because he is a great guy”. He said in an interview with The Telegraph.

“I don’t really get emotional when it comes to my job but it was hard to see him leave. Although, I’m very sure he will do just fine at Everton. Moving was the best choice for him.

“Rooney had a positive influence on the younger players. Him leaving doesn’t mean we have improved or become worst than we were. He is just not replaceable.

“He was an important player for the team and someone who made a great impact on the team. We just need a new leader that will influence the team and help us become better.”

Wayne Rooney has signed a two-year contract with Everton and already has two goals to his credit for the club.