The Microsoft’s graphics program Paint has been added among Windows 10 list features that will be either deleted or no longer updated.

Paint has been among the Windows operating system since it was announced in 1985 and is well-known for its basic and purity artistic finishes.

The listed programs were disclosed as parts of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which spin out in the autumn.

Microsoft claims that programs on the list might be taken out from Windows 10 or “not included among running upgrade and may be withdrawn in future releases”.

More Apps To Go

Some other programs in the list also faced the same cut-down, along with the Outlook Express email client, which will be switched with the built-in Mail app, as well as the Reader application, which now will be joined with Microsoft Edge.

Many people have shown their displeasure at the announcement on social media platform, with many post tweet like “RIP” messages.

A Welsh YouTuber Chaotic indicate that Paint is “the best art to have ever prevailed” – perhaps with tongue in cheek.

An artist popularly known as Jim’ll Paint use this features to design portrait on some peculiar themes, authorized by an outsider. He has almost 700,000 followers on Facebook.

He tweeted “Paint hasn’t been that exciting after all since they’ve ruined it once. I’m now running the XP on a virtual machine because it’s perfect.”

A game developer Mike Dailly, maker of the Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings, Tweeted “They should go on and announce the source and turn it to a public site.”