YouTube says it will divert people inquiring for “violent extremist propaganda” and provide them footage that preaches against terrorism attack.

People inquiring for a particular term concerning Isis will be provided footage lists of broadcast “condemning its belief”.
Youtube stated that it needed to assist in stopping people for being radicalised.

“Uploading the so-called Islamic group footage doctrine was already against its conditions and terms.” YouTube brief reporters.

In a site post, YouTube said it was putting into action steps from the Redirect Method, a move that will attempt to direct the IS seekers towards videos that condemn the group’s recruitment routines.

Debunk The Wrong Message

The messages on the footage playlist dispute call by the ISIL terrorist that they offer a better rule, and have a powerful military network, they also claim that the global powers are plotting to destroy Muslims.

Instead of generating new tools, the playlists consist of footage already uploaded to YouTube that conveys a conflicting point of belief, such as:

Declaration about truth from members who have left the so-called Islamic State group, explaining what life in the group is like.

The videos would also include an aged woman who opposes two IS terrorists and advises them to “repent and turn back to the way of the almighty”.

Talks by imams condemning the extremism and terrorism

Video from inside IS group-controlled base, revealing what life looks like within its territory.

The Redirect procedure says pre-existing footage, instead of specially instructed content, are more important because they believe it’s more informative.

The streaming giant told reporters that “It would start diverting its audience who inquire for certain terms in English, but in time they would include more languages as well as Arabic”
The Algorithms will help dictate if other keywords need to be added to the program, and the firm will watch carefully if the audience is occupied with the specially curated playlists.