A lawsuit was filed against Uber by a nonprofit rights association arguing that Uber discriminates riders from New York City by providing less access to cars that are fit for wheelchairs.

According to the lawsuit filed against Uber, the ride-hailing service has been in place and functional in New York since 2011. It provides several rides in NYC but offer poor quality service and in several cases no service to riders who require wheel-chair accessible vehicles. The lawsuit was filed in Manhattan at New York Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Lawsuit wants a remedy

According to the lawsuit, Uber give out wheelchair-accessible vehicles via its UberWAV service, they don’t dispatch all, accounting for barely 100 out of a whole 58000 vehicles sent to the city. It pointed out that different vehicles may not be available for disabled riders to use but others can use them. These impaired drivers are challenged by long wait times and sometimes get denied of the service.

The lawsuit advocates Uber carve out a remedial plan that prioritizes equity. A program that grants equity and full access to service for riders that need accessible conveyance Uber said that they have about 200 vehicles that can accommodate wheelchair operating in the city currently.

Uber Spokeswoman, Alix Anfang stated that the technology Uber employs has granted access to trustworthy transportation to all riders whether disabled or not. This has made riders with a disability to gain income in modern ways.

She added that works are still in progress to ensure that reliable and affordable transportation is provided to those who are in need of a wheelchair accessible vehicle.