R. Kelly debunked rumors making waves that he’s holding many women down as sex slaves. In a statement by R. Kelly’s attorney, Linda S. Mensch, The Times gathered that Mr. Robert Kelly is perturbed and alarmed at the new rumors about him.

Mensch said that Mr. Kelly totally denies allegations of such and will work effortlessly to dissociate his name from such and deal with his accusers.

BuzzFeed published the allegations

On Monday, BuzzFeed made a publication where Mr. Kelly was accused of having the parents of many women under his authority. According to the writer, Jim DeRogatis a one-time Chicago Sun-Times music critic who raised allegations that Kelly had sex with many underage girls, interviewed three persons who were identified as former members of the singer’s intimate circle.

The Story has it that about six women inhabit the properties rented by the singer, these women do whatever he orders them and even engage in sexual activities that he records.

According to the story by DeRogatis, he quoted the law saying that consenting adults are free to engage in any relationship they deem fit despite how the tradition sees it. Police checks in both Georgia and Illinois last year didn’t deteriorate to any charge, the aspiring singer in January, told the cops that she’s alright and need no disturbance.

In 2008, R. Kelly was acquitted on child pornography accusation as gathered from leaked video. Now 50, he’s been involved in many cases of sexual misconduct and has settled many of these allegations. DeRogatis pointedly said that R. Kelly records the highest number of bad sexual behaviors with women in the history of rock music, rock ‘n’ roll and pop culture.