Quentin Tarantino is set to retire after making the next two movies; the movie star has three projects to execute, and then leave the scene. Tarantino will make a horror film, gangster, and a driving movie. He’s set for the horror movie and will probably bring the killing spree of Charles Manson to the screens.

What to expect

Currently, the project has no title, but Tarantino is working effortlessly on the script. However, speculations are that a larger part of the story will focus on the killing of Sharon Tate – her infamous death that occurred during her pregnancy due to her murder by the Manson Family.

Jennifer Lawrence will likely play the role of Tate, while an actor listed in the casting report will take up the role of Charles Manson. Likewise, the unnamed Manson Family project will feature Brad Pitt – this is coming more like a reunion with his director. The last time Brad Pitt featured in a movie by Tarantino, 12 Monkeys; it was a film that anyone would love to watch. As such, this reunion will be an entirely swashbuckling blockbuster.

Reports from The Hollywood Reporters, if the shooting schedule works out as planned, then everyone should be ready for the movie by the next summer, this implies that the earliest release of this film will be mid or later part of 2019. Undoubtedly, this is one film that The Weinstein Company will use to track down many possible awards because Tarantino does it well when it comes to true life stories.

The implication for Tarantino Fans

To all the Tarantino fans, it’s apparent that Tarantino will get his Exorcist. The movie would have its roots on true life stories, marking Tarantino’s maiden non-fiction film. Indeed, Tarantino will have the opportunity to exhibit his most scary and serious movie.