A recent picture of Celine Dion went viral and has set the social media on fire. The photo posted by Vogue magazine on its official Instagram page has the star singer seated with her legs and arms crossed in a chair. The 49-year old singer was putting on nothing except for a clutching white garment; next to her was a shiny golden boot.

Celine Dion might be up to something

The photo on Instagram has a caption that describes the singer’s exclusive wears in the last five years. As such, the new picture is meant to leave its viewers wondering as Celine Dion switches between different looks.

As part of her unique sense of dressing, her appearance in Vegas was characterized by Velcro panels that allowed her ribcage to alter for an easy outfit swap. The caption of the trendy photo emphasized on her unique shoe designs and sizes (usually 38) with custom metal shanks.

According to Celine Dion, her clothes follow her and not the other way round. Celine Dion is a singer that pays rapt attention to her wears; she can rock an overall Givenchy, Giuseppe Zanotti footwears, embroidered Kanye West and a classy crystal-covered sunglasses.

While the picture on Vogue magazine Instagram page may be the singer’s first time of posing naked, it can be recalled that she once posed topless in 2012 for V magazine. The V magazine picture got her folding her arms to cover her chest with her black gloves.