Adam West, who passed away earlier this month, but his legacy as Mayor of Quahog will live on during the next season of Family Guy.

The Forever Batman

The late actor, who shocked the world with his death on June 10, will always live as Batman of the sixties not to mention his role in Conan O’Brien and Robert Smigel’s 1991 NBC comedy pilot Lookwell. Adam West’s peak in legacy was apparent when took up the role of Mayor Adam West, the delusional politician, in Family Guy.

Fox decided to pay tribute to the late actor by airing his episodes in Family Guy on Fox on June 18. Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane saluted him on Twitter, concluding with, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have given, Mr. Mayor. You’re irreplaceable.”

Family Gut fans can enjoy his work for a while longer

In the following interview, Family Guy executive producer Steve Callaghan says that Adam West will live as they are going to add more episodes featuring Adam West, “He’s gone,” says Callaghan, “but we can still enjoy his tremendous work for a while longer.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Callaghan called Adam West’s death “shocking”. “He brought so much to the show, and, of course, we’ll miss the character because it’s such a funny character. But we’ll just miss having his presence here in the office,” he said. “There are not enough positive adjectives in the language to use to describe Adam West. He’s just such a wonderful, sweet, hilarious, kind guy.”

Mayor Adam West’s character was first written and introduced by Callaghan in season 2 episode, “Fifteen Minutes of Shame”. Callaghan recalls, “It was an episode that started out with Quahog Clam Day — we were inventing this fictional event that happened in town every year, a day centered on clams, just because it seemed so idiotic.” That is when Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane suggested creating the mayor’s character “to introduce this town-wide event.”

Callaghan confirmed that West was grateful to be part of the Family Guy; “ He was very appreciative for that… I think he really loved being part of the show as much as we loved having him,” he concluded.