Seth Meyers has noticed President Trump’s love thingy with Fox news – the love affair got strengthened this week.

According to the Late Night host, The Fox and Friends accorded many accolades to President Trump, saying that their Donny can never plot with Russia. Meyers pointed out that even when these people are working to protect Trump, some of his friends take it from the other end.
Meyer made a reference to a recent statement from Sean Hannity, where it was called to the memory of viewers, the alleged Trump’s involvement with prostitutes in Moscow.

Meyers opens up on Trump’s fake news

According to the show host, Trump has got many praises from the media firms he claims to disregard. He hoisted a false time magazine cover showing himself at his golf clubs. Meyer pointed out that such fake braggadocio is an apt definition of false news.
Meyer added that such case is the saddest ever heard, as well a funny one. Speaking on the issue, he asked if Trump gets paid, his presidential salary in new checks.

Trump’s action

In line with the Washington post about Trump’s fake cover magazine, the President has taken measures against the newspaper’s mother firm, Amazon. In a tweet by President Trump, he threatened to make Amazon pay internet taxes.
Meyer rebuked the idea, pointing out that there’s nothing as ‘internet tax,’ but you may see a tax close to an internet tax only when you read Trump’s tweets.