The reality star of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians” is overjoyed to be expecting twins, source close to the Kardashian family claims

Surrogate Mother

The famous couple, Kanye (age 40), and Kim (age 36) reportedly hired a surrogate mother to help expand their growing brood, so far made up of daughter North West (age 4), and brother Saint West (age 1).

Kim, having grown up in a large family, is eager for her children to experience a similar environment. A Kimye insider confessed: “Kim is very familiar with a big family and wants to make her immediate family bigger, and now is the time.”

Despite rumors circulating that Kim did not want to go through a third pregnancy for superficial reasons, she would actually be at extremely high risk for complications.

Women’s health expert Dr. Sherry A. Ross explained that because Kim suffered from placenta accretta, a condition that may result in massive blood loss with both her pregnancies, if she were to give birth again she may end up having to go through a hysterectomy, a major surgery.

The Surrogacy Process And The Lucky Surrogate

The selected surrogate will reportedly receive $45,000 from the happy couple, with an additional $5,000 because she is allegedly expecting twins.

The surrogate has a strict agreement with Kim and Kanye, from standard pregnancy restrictions (no drinking, smoking, or drugs of any sort) to more specific ones such as not being able to have sex three weeks after implantation of the embryo, dye her hair, eat raw fish, or handle cat litter.

Dr. Ross explained Kim would have to “go through the start of the IVF procedure and get meds to make her ovaries create a lot of follicles or eggs. The doctor would then remove the eggs from the follicles when they’re ready, and they would put the egg with Kanye’s sperm in a little petri-dish and pick the best embryos based on how well those embryos grow, and then implant one or two.”

Since Kim and Kanye will be joining fellow celebrities Jay-Z and Beyonce in the “twins club”, it appears the doctor implanted two!

Representatives for Kim and Kanye have neither confirmed nor denied the story.