Google on Friday promised to monitor the ads that appear next to YouTube videos after several decisions made by British advertisers to pull their ads after it was discovered that some appear with videos that contain content extreme, homophobic or racist.

The British government attracted billions of YouTube advertising after the investigation

The Times of London shows that government ads are prohibited alongside the videos “Apologetic rape, anti-Semites and preacher hate”.

Videos, classifieds between the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force, including wooing some of which the American White Power David Duke has passed, the Times found. A spokesman for the British government’s office at the BBC that there was temporary advertising on YouTube until Google delivered no ads show “a safe and appropriate way.”
Google said it to make sure that ads are not along with videos in violation of the company’s money and advertisers and provides over when to make your ads control. However, the company acknowledged that the video “inappropriate financial profit” still occur.

“We’ve thoroughly reviewed the rules for advertising brands and control, and we’re going to help in the coming weeks make changes to better control their enforcement in the Google YouTube Display Network,” said Director Ronan Harris, Google’s blog.

Cabinet Office paid more than $ 7 per 1,000 viewers on YouTube who watch their ads, according to the Times. Ministers asked Google representatives on Friday to discuss their advertising guidelines. Several other advertisers, including The Guardian and the British advertising agency Havas, also drew its content from YouTube this week for fear that in addition to inappropriate videos appear.

Since Google tried to keep the content of their advertisers extreme videos and tried to divert the viewers away from these videos. Last summer, Jigsaw Google’s daughter began to experiment with ads that people looking for videos of extremist content show extremist groups like ISIS in a negative way, as clips lead by Muslim clerics, the hypocrisy of the light said ISIS.