One of Charlie Sheen’s ex-girlfriends has filed to sue the actor for exposing her to HIV and then discouraging her from taking antiretroviral medication.


Sheen found out he was HIV positive in 2011 when allegedly he transmitted the virus to his anonymous ex. She filed the suit to the LA County Superior Court. The plaintiff is described as a Jane Doe, “Russian Émigré,” and the accused is described as “confidential male defendant.”

This will be the second time Sheen is being sued for supposedly exposing an ex to the virus. In December 2015, Scottine Ross, Sheen’s ex-fiancée, filed a similar lawsuit, adding allegations of physical and emotional abuse to the exposure of HIV. The suit is in arbitration.

In 2015, the plaintiff had met Sheen and began having sexual relations. She claims she had asked the actor, who had more than once come out expressing his condition on TV, if he had any sexually transmitted diseases. She said that he told her he was “fine.” She explained that they had used condoms in the beginning, however they eventually had unprotected sex.

She was told by Sheen that he was HIV positive after they had intercourse and gave her two pulls to prevent transmission. Alarmed and distraught, she sought emergency medical treatment and was told that she would have to take antiretroviral meds for a number of weeks.

The plaintiff confronted and argued with Sheen a few days later about the exposure. He went on to blame her, she alleged that he told her he did the “noble” thing by telling her about the HIV and that he was not obliged to disclose it before because it was “none of [her] f***ing business.” She goes on to say that he told her that it was unnecessary to take the medication and to stop believing “the convenient rumors of the medical community.”


The suit quotes him saying “This is more about … not if, but when you do come down with this [HIV], that we’re together and at least we have each other.” explaining that he told her could “see the future” and talked about cleansing her soul, and that the “apocalypse” was coming.

Apparently, he was very vulgar in his argument with her and made mention of other women who had also threatened legal action. He went on to express that they had all committed “treason” which was “punishable by death.”

Gary Dordick, Jane Doe’s attorney is trying to invalidate the non-disclosure agreement that prevents them from mentioning the defendant’s name in the lawsuit. He claims that the plaintiff signed it under duress. Sheen’s attorney, Martin Singer was unreachable.