Facebook introduces a new protection profile for users in India, in an effort to prevent people from copying, distributing, or otherwise misusing their image. Users who choose to keep their profile through the new system will ensure that others will not send shares or take a picture of them and aliens will keep the picture.

People who decide to get your picture going and blue around, and at least Android Facebook will prevent users from capturing images from customer profile “whenever possible”.
The social network, says he is motivated to provide the tools available after the social security organizations in India and some women in the country have not chosen to transfer pictures of their faces across the Internet. Tools were developed in collaboration with several of these organizations, with evidence showing the possible things that would reduce abuse profile. For example, Facebook says it is something as simple as adding a layer of image design that means that others have at least 75 percent less likely to copy.

Limitation of products can reduce cover photos

Users can now add these layers quickly through the system’s Facebook, but the tools are likely not to lessen its profile image from today to tomorrow. While Facebook says it’s possible to do anything to keep people through Android in screenshot images, users have a floppy disk in a laptop or desktop computer, would be able to create a new border blue dress “protection visual signal” Rather than any hard obstacle.

However, when attempts have shown that a fairly simple addition can scare opportunists, they are potentially useful tools for the Indian user option. For now, Facebook has not indicated whether they are similar measures in other countries.