A report has it that President Donald Trump is planning on implementing some on the press briefing schedule of the White House. According to New York Times, President Trump is considering the reduction of the news briefings to just once a week.

Likewise, he is also planning on making reporters submit questions in written form.

Trump’s incessant rebuking of fake news

President Trump is well-known for his frequent addressing of some articles and networks as false news. It can be seen in the case when he floated invalidating all further press briefings in the name of truthfulness.

Following the reorganization of the West Wing communication staff, the press secretary to the White House, Sean Spicer may not retain his spot. Spicer didn’t dispute this reports that made waves; he said that selfies are allowed, as he was right there.

The rumor came up after Spicer made his first appearance on camera after an unusual eight days gap – causing the speculations that the press niche of the White House will possibly experience role reshuffling. Spicer attested to the fact that there have been vacancies in some position. He further cited that the position of the communications director has been vacant for a pretty while.

In his statement, there has been the movement to have people that will serve the administration. As such, it shouldn’t sound new to hear that the administration is bent on articulation and circulation President Trump’s message, plans and ideas.