Megyn Kelly is shaken with suddenly less than a month in his new role in NBC News, and much more coverage of the national media that enjoyed Fox News.

“I think Alex Jones’s suggestion that Sandy Hook is” a joke “as everyone else feels like evil is,” Kelly said in a report that took hours after school organizer Sandy Hook denies him the event.

Jones has worked personality and the Internet with millions of fans who have promoted conspiracy theories of the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the shooting of Sandy Hook in 2012, and said he set “actors”.

Although Kelly as a personality of Fox News, which often differs from the conservative network brand was a favorite print, incident Jones is just the latest example of how reporting about her work is not so sunny as it was before.
After meeting with Putin, the Los Angeles Times critic, Lorraine Ali described Kelly as a “big talk” not related to his subject matter about Russian intervention in US elections.

He invited the New York Newsday Boulevard and Kelly interview with Putin a “hard start”

While on Fox, Kelly has received positive profiles in major releases that do not reflect the most names of Billboard Fox.
In January, the New York Times positively described what he calls “the Moment of Kelly Megyn,” and the bits of interviews are often viral, where Kelly is an innocent guest (and often conservative or Republican) will question, he stressed.

In 2016, the so-called Vanity Fair in the story of Kelly “The Lightest Beginning of Fox News” and “The New Model for Women.”

But at least for now, under which he promotes his conversation with Jones, they seem to have fallen.
“Kelly is amateurish when it comes to art sitting,” said a review on the Daily Beast website.

The Chicago Tribune Women’s Issues, he said in an interview, “feels like the inescapable cynical prank of thought.”