Model Anita Pallenberg, best known for her personal relationships with Rolling Stones members, has reportedly died at age 73.

Her Death

Anita Pallenberg, the actress and model best known for her relationships with Rolling Stones members, has died at the age of 73, as announced by Stella Schnabel, her daughter.

Schnabel wrote on Instagram: “Go in peace my Roman mother. Never met a woman quite like her.”

Many have paid tributes to the star. Marianne Faithfull posted on Facebook, saying: “Anita used to say that we (the two of us) are light years ahead of the Rolling Stones. Witty and probably true!”

She also said: “We had good times and bad times, but I only remember the good times now. She taught me so much, especially after we got clean; it was very good, and so much fun! Farewell my love, go well.”

Her Career

Pallenberg was best known for her two-year relationship with Rolling Stones member Brian Jones, who she later left for Keith Richards, another member of the band. Jones left the band following the breakup and died just shortly afterwards.

Anita and Keith Richards had a long relationship, and had three children together, including one who died as a child. The couple then separated in 1980.

She apparently had a heavy influence on the band’s music, according to Jo Bergman. She sang background vocals for their famous song “Sympathy for the Devil”.

Previous Controversies

In 1979, a man called Scott Cantrell had committed suicide using Pallenberg’s gun in her and Richard’s New York home. She was accused of manslaughter and then later cleared of the charge.

“I didn’t feel anything.” she said. “That’s one of the wonders of drugs and drink.” Pallenberg was also known to have a fascination with the idea of black magic. She sought help through it in order to treat her drug addictions in 1987.