Only a few days after the attack on London Bridge killed seven people and wounded 48, James Corden went ahead with the planned Late Late Show in London.

James Corden, who shows up with Reggie Watts, said he wanted to do the “Late Late Show” of London, England, to show the strength.

“As I’m certain that a few days ago, on Saturday night, the city was attacked,” he said on Tuesday’s mile of the Corden Bridge.
“I’m very sad and thinking about all the time since I did this job I had to talk about a show of such crimes. Trying to find the right words to say is impossible because it is not. But this time, it seemed incredibly close to home. ”
Night attack, said the Late “Late Late Show” staff in the city. My hotel is located two minutes from the bridge.

James Corden, pictured with Reggie Watts, said he wanted to make a “Late Late Show” in London

“Some people might say it’s a strange time to do a variety of shows in the city. I could not agree more, “he said.
“We bring the most stupid, most entertaining shows that we have made for you to celebrate London and the UK and all that it has to offer,” he said. “And you know what? People who did this attack and hate it as well.
“I’m very proud to talk about my hometown. I am proud to present its beauty, its diversity and its stoic British determination to be something or someone in our path. This is not a country that is afraid. “