Netflix cancels ‘Sense8’ after just two seasons, without citing a specific reason as to why it’s come to this decision.

The Cancellation

Netflix has cancelled Sense 8 after only two seasons and one holiday special. The company didn’t specifically say why it’s made this decision, but has issued a statement on the matter saying:

“After 23 episodes, 16 cities and 13 countries, the story of the Sense8 cluster is coming to an end. [Sense8] is everything we dreamed it would be: bold, emotional, stunning, kick ass, and outright unforgettable. Never has there been a more truly global show with an equally diverse and international cast and crew[.]”

They thanked the cast and crew for their “craftsmanship and commitment.”

Many fans not only weren’t surprised about Sense8’s cancelation, but also called it when they noticed there was no announcement for a third season for the show for almost three weeks.

Some speculate that this may have been due to Sense8’s massive budget- at an estimated $9 million per episode in its second season. Some also speculate that Netflix has might be becoming more strict about shows that don’t meet certain standards in terms of viewership.

Other Cancelations by Netflix

Netflix’s show cancelations were rare up until recently. Some known examples are Marco Polo, Bloodline and Hemlock Grove. Netflix’s cancelation of Sense8 marks its second cancelation of a major series, following Baz Luhrmann’s “The Get Down,” which was cancelled last week. Luhrmann explained that the cancelation was due to a conflict between Sony’s pre-existing directing contract and his “showrunner” status.

However, it was also implied at yesterday’s Code Conference that it might have also been due to the show not meeting viewership expectations. Some also speculate that it was due to a somewhat soured relationship between Sony and Netflix.