Roberto De Nero cautioned fresh university graduates how in film jargons how,” America’s one-time “inspirational and motivating performance” became transformed to” the sad expletive humour.”

This man who had won the Oscars twice addressed Browns college alumni last weekend during this top rated school celebrations, urging everyone into “working towards stopping this madness” as well as striving towards making our earth more conducive.

Ad Nero was given the honourable doctor for art

Seventy-three year old veteran lashed out at “the nightmare” of the present day politics as well as declaring the American leader as a “fool” prior to the beginning statement.
It is not even the initial time that the actor had spoken against the American leader. Nero criticized him in footage last year stating “he remains irresponsible, a beast, swine, cheat, and cow –scam, a fool unaware of his utterances”. Thirty days before last year’s general polls, Nero stated his eagerness in dealing a blow to the president” during footage for celebrities’ sponsorship videos.

The actor was among other celebrities with de-motivating speeches for the alumni from Browns.
Rap artiste David Digs, winner for Toni Awards in his part in a critically acclaimed “Hamilton’s”, urged the Browns alumni how the nation requires novel thoughts “due to the fact that the existing one no longer worked during these times”.