George Clooney could not travel to Yerevan, Armenia during the weekend to earn an award since he stayed at home with Amal Clooney as the two are expecting their twins in the coming weeks and did not want to miss the first meeting with his little ones.

Clooney recorded a video address which was projected at the award ceremony of the Aurora Price for Awakening Humanity last night when he mentioned that he cannot travel anywhere where currently because of the travel ban he imposed on himself.

Clooney is still present at the ceremony

“I really would have been [in Yerevan] but if I came there and my wife had twins while I was there, I could never come home.”

The ceremony was for the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity when an annual $1 million prize is given to honour those who survived the Armenian genocide.

Nevertheless, Clooney managed to attend the ceremony and act as the co-chair of the award’s prize selection committee. The Clooney couple was dedicated to promoting human rights.

This year’s award was earned by Dr Tom Catena, an American missionary who serves in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains, and he will use the money was given as a prize to charities as a donation.

“Dr Catena is a role model to us all, and yet another example of people on the ground truly making a difference,” Clooney said in his message.

Full-blown nesting mode

The Clooneys once told E!News that they are in full-blown nesting mode as they are looking forward to meeting their little twins.

“They’re counting down [the days] and pretty much at the edge of their seats,” a source shared with us just a few weeks ago. “Every day, one of them is like, ‘It’s going to be today. I can feel it’ and then it doesn’t happen.”

A close resource to the couple said, “Amal is great. She’s healthy, excited and looking forward to becoming a mother. She is taking it very easy. She’s officially on maternity leave now.”