Lewis Hamilton believes Sebastian Vettel has been named as the number one driver for Ferrari.

Sebastian Vettel cruised to victory in Monaco Grand Prix after beating teammate Kimi Raikkonen.

Hamilton said; I think it’s quite obvious that Vettel has been chosen as Ferrari’s number one driver and they are doing everything to make sure he succeeds and maximizes his points”.

“It’s hard for the car that is leading to get jumped over unless it had been decided by the team.

But he (Hamilton) revealed that he won’t asking for the same favour from Mercedes when it comes to the relationship between him and team-mate Valtteri Bottas.
“I haven’t had a conversation with the team and I don’t intend to,” he said. Valteri had done an amazing job and I don’t think we need to give premium to one rider over the other”.

“It is important that we work as a team now more than ever becUse that is the only way we can beat our rivals at Ferrari. But we need to put some things in place to make sure this happens”.

“No one knows what could happen next and it might just be the other way around. We might have to give him more advantage. We just have to be sure that we are ahead of the pack and we don’t fall into the situation that we are in now”.
Hamilton finished in the 7th position in Monaco after taking off from the 13th spot after a messy qualification round where he made a couple of avoidable mistakes.

The weekend was made even worse for Mercedes with their ultra-soft tyre problem which also affected Hamilton during a race in Russia two years ago.

Hamilton said “I can’t afford to have this kind of weekend again because they would spell doom for us especially with Ferrari leading the pack.

But the fact that I don’t want something to happen is no guarantee that it won’t happen. So it makes no sense to worry about it. I just have to focus on my game and work on any issue that might arise and make sure we get it right”.