The dead Sound garden vocalist Chris Cornel is to become committed into earth this weekend during the exclusive burial ceremony in the Californian burial ground popular for burying celebrities.

This confidential event in the well known burial ground is to become in front of the general remembrance ceremony around three in the evening, where well wishers may see where he will be buried.

This ceremony takes place after over seven days this fifty-two year old Seattle became unconscious in a Texan motel suite moments preceding his performance alongside Sound Garden. Investigating officers in the initial report revealed that Cornel committed suicide by hanging. The comprehensive coronary statements as well as other details are being awaited.
This burial ground has been the last home of several deceased celebrities, not excluding movie maker Cecile D. De Mille, actor Jane Mayfield; rock stars John with Dee De Ramon as well as mute movie actor Rudolf Valentine.

Being the Sound garden’s front man, Cornel remained a prominent proponent for a rock genre originating from his city alongside becoming a major genre during the 90s. Cornel became successful in every music related enterprise he embarked upon, not excluding a mega group called Audio Slaves, Temples of Dogs alongside personal releases.
The late singer’s wife, Vickie, wrote a public address for the dead husband whom a major music news outlet released on the internet this week.

“You and I have enjoyed great moments in our existence for ten years but forgive me my dear. Nobody had foreseen the events the events from the fateful night. Forgive me for keeping you lonely, my dear. I am convinced you were never in your elements. The kids are truly aware of this, enjoy your solitude,” the wife stated.

Her wife stated Cornel might have indulged in an excessive amount of medication for panic attacks than necessary.
“I am distressed, yet would defend your course as well as caring for the cute children…..would keep your memories in my thought at all moments and hours as well as go into battle because of your cause,” Vickie Cornel penned. “It was accurate- your statement that we are soul mates. There is a saying that roads would connect back in time, so we are aware we would discover ourselves, so here I will be, keeping.”