OnePlus 3T will be canceled soon globally, during this time, leading in India for the purchase is available, consumer electronics maker said on Friday China. In a statement to the local media, earlier were available today, OnePlus said both 64GB and 128GB of OnePlus 3T in the South Asian country will be available “until later this year,” so India is the only market on which the company iSNs’ t plan To set up your device in the coming weeks.

Announced by a manufacturer based in Shenzhen, Guangdong on Thursday to stop its phones intentions, producing a revised version of the already established OnePlus 3, which means it is making a decision in an effort to prepare the launch of the next OnePlus 5, which said significant improvements over past phone The company, released at the end of 2016th with company representatives, has participated in its official forums that OnePlus is currently in the warehousing process, more OnePlus 3T will produce more units, although it did not appear to be applied in India. Although there is a certain time frame present, the text of the latest announcement, the company may mean that OnePlus 3T is in India in the last quarter.

OnePlus 5 will officially be released sometime next month and will probably be available soon after. Earlier phone was launched in November last year and was launched in India a month later, although it remains to be seen whether OnePlus 5 will observe the same pattern of evolution as manufacturers of Chinese Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) do not seem to follow Plans to stop the device in South Asia, now. Currently, it is unclear whether OnePlus OnePlus 3T will provide more units for the Indian market in the coming months or if the company simply predicts its Indian stocks longer than other markets. However, it is expected to soon update the availability of devices, and the same goes for its eagerly anticipated successor.