Surprisingly, J.K Rowlings’ tweet has got 60,000 retweets and 126,000 favourites. The numerous retweets and favouritism came because the Harry Potter creator had posted what so many Trump slanderers felt when they the video that was posted during the early hours of Thursday. The video shows Trump pushing Dusko Markovic, the Montenegrin Prime Minister at the NATO summit held in Brussels.

Trump’s shove character

Trump has the shove character and seeks public recognition. This can be traced back to an incident during his childhood in 1964. At that time, Trump was only 18 when he was at the launching of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge connecting Staten Island and Brooklyn. He didn’t sit well with the idea that the opening event did not even pay homage to the engineer that constructed the bridge, Othmar Ammann. Disdainfully, the Engineer was not recognised till the end of the event. Some other persons have the different accounts, as Trump is known for such recollections.

Speaking to The New York Times, Trump said that it dawned on him then that if you let people handle you the way they want, you’’ be treated a fool. He emphasised the event left an indelible idea in him – he never wants to be made anybody’s sucker.

Trump shoves Markovic

Trump’s philosophy of being relevant than anyone else has made him send vibrant tweets and host meandering press conferences and sending bold messages to real and imagined enemies. He manifested this by pushing aside another head of state just to appear relevant and clearly on the photo shoot.
Just after shoving Markovic, Trump tries to remove his face off the irritative feeling by raising his chin and focusing on the camera while adjusting the lapels of his coat. Of course, his tie is always a long one.

The tweet that made waves was not the first tweet by Rowling directed at Trump. Although she has not opened up on her distaste for the US president, she tends to keep her thoughts to herself in public.
Rowling’s tweet popularity is proof of Twitter’s captivating power. Not despising the much news about Twitter’s financial troubles and incorporate vision, it stands tall as an internet platform that has been longed for. It may be noisy and have people who make it appear unbearably; it remains a social media platform where politicians, ordinary citizens and even celebrities communicate, trade and barb.