Following the explosion at Ariana Grande’s concerts, Morrissey has slammed the reactions of many british politicians. It can be recalled that it was bloody in a part of Manchester, England when a 22-year-old british suicide bomber caused an explosion that killed 22 people, leaving 59 injured just after the Ariana Grande’s concert.

A native of Manchester, Morrissey expressed his sadness as he wrote on Facebook. In his post, he was celebrating his birthday in his hometown when the news of the explosion made waves. He wondered when such acts would ever stop and said that the anger is significant.

Criticism by Morrisey

The former Smiths singer, Morrisey turned his bold statements to the Prime Minister, Theresa May. He poured out his anger again condemning the statement by Theresa who said that such incidents will not break us. The former singer pointedly stated that May’s life is a bullet-proofed and she hardly identifies any youth in Manchester morgues. He further condemned her statement ‘will not break us’ saying that Theresa feels that the tragedy will have no effect on her or her immigration policies. The former Smith singer said that the youths of Manchester are broken already.

Likewise, Mayor Sadiq Khan was slam by Morrisey for not speaking against the self-acclaimed Islamic state who claims to be the brain behind the attack. He also condemned the statement by Mayor Andy Burnham who said that the explosion was from an extremist. He questioned the type of extremist and said ‘an extreme rabbit?

While condemning so many statements by British politicians, Morrisey took a shot on the British press and Queen Elizabeth II. He called out the press for singing praises to the Queens strong words without seeing the reviewing her plans to throw a garden party at Buckingham Palace.

While speaking of the acts and statements by the politicians, Morrissey said that everyone is afraid to speak out. Politicians say they are not scared without being the victim; this is because they are always protected, unlike the masses.

Other artists in the campaign

Morrissey’s remark is a big one towards the attacks. Then again, artists like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Missy Elliot, Liam Gallagher, Peter Hook, Johnny Marr, Harry Styles and even the Late Late Show host James Corden have expressed their sad feelings towards the attacks.
The British authorities have identified the suicide bomber as Salman Abedi who is a British man of Libyan descent. Also, a 23-year old man has been arrested in line with the attack.