Isaiah Acosta from Phoenix, Arizona had always dreamed to record his own rap song, but he had just one problem: he never spoke before due to being born without a bottom jaw.

Until last year, when he attended a function for Children’s Miracle Network in Washington, D.C., Isaiah, 17, said to several people by text that his dream was to become famous for rapping.

Horman then lined up Trap House, a popular rapper in the region, Trap House, who then worked closely with young Isaiah and they both recorded “Oxygen to Fly,” a song about the teen’s struggle to gain his voice as he lived with a severe condition. 


Torben Bernhard, the director of documentaries, was asked to tell Isaiah’s courageous story of resiliance and share it with the world.

“I thought that Isaiah’s incredibly rare, magnetic personality should be introduced to America in a visually intimate, real presentation of his confidence and power,” Horman told PEOPLE. “He’s such a positive influence. America needs Isaiah right now.”

The results of their hard work has gone completely viral, and over 20 million users viewers saw the music video with Isaiah dancing as well as rapping with Trap House.

In the track, Isaiah told his story via powerful lyrics:

“I don’t care what people think of me/Proud and honored that they carry me/Jaw gone but I love myself/Like a lion to my family.”

“Could’ve died but I’m still here/Could’ve cried but I’m still here/Bullies try but I’m still here/Mother tries so I’m still here.”


Isaiah’s mom, Tarah Acosta, told PEOPLE: “My son’s words have been brought to life. Writing is his hobby and his way of self-expression. If you ask him, he will say that he’s always had a voice. But the voice is inside him.”

“Now for the first time, the rest of the world can actually hear that voice,” she mentioned. “It’s a very emotional thing when I hear ‘Oxygen to Fly’ come on the radio here in Arizona. I cry with happiness every time I hear it.”