Microsoft could limit the devastating spread of the WannaCry rescue-ware enterprise, reports the Financial Times. Instead, a free repair update was performed on machines with older software such as Windows XP.

Microsoft wanted companies to support strong rates of up to $ 1,000 per year, “bespoke” and protection against such WannaCry attacks that block the computer, unless it pays hackers in Bitcoin, according to the statement.

While Microsoft has finally made the patch download machines with Windows XP to release last Friday, the damage has already been completed. Since then, the company has tried to convince business customers, or to move in a different way to its new and more secure Windows 10a. Despite the lack of coverage, many Microsoft customers remain old software that can still be vulnerable.

“Recognition that sometimes choose from a variety of business reasons, companies are not updated, even after 10 or 15 years, Microsoft offers customized support contracts as a temporary measure,” a Microsoft spokesman said in a statement to CNET.

“To be clear, Microsoft prefers to upgrade the business and realize the benefits of the new version, rather than choosing custom support. Security experts agree that the best protection is in a modern system where the latest Includes incoming defense innovations even older systems, even if they are fully up to date, only lack the most recent protection.

WannaCry’s first attacks were reduced in a security partner who has found the Tödeschalter rescue, but younger, appeared more robust versions. The median length of more than 200,000 computers were taken with ransomware in more than 150 countries.