An explosion at one of Europe’s largest arenas has claimed the lives of twenty two people and left 59 injured; this was contained in a report after the explosion.

In a report, the Greater Manchester police were called to the scene before 10:35 p.m on Monday and authorities are advocating that people should avoid that area. Pending further details and information, the case is being handled as a terrorist incident.
The information gathered by the US law enforcement officials has it that a suicide bomber caused the bloody incident. Speaking on the investigation, a senior law enforcement official said that the information is just a preliminary one.

Those injured are receiving treatments at six various hospitals. Ian Hopkins, the Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable, disclosed in a press conference that they are working tirelessly to gather relevant information as regards what actually happened. He further urged the masses to remain vigilant.

The explosion

An eyewitness reported having heard a loud band immediately after the concert ended in the arena’s foyer area. This arena is a venue with a capacity of about 21,000 persons, and its website ranks it as one of Europe’s biggest indoor arenas. The city’s second to the largest train station, Manchester Victoria Station is linked to the concert arena.

Aftermath of the incident

In the wake of the attack, the British Transport Police Department said that more officers would be deployed at major railway stations and on trains around the country to beef up security. Both unarmed and armed officers will be seen more often than before – this was made known by Robin Smith, the British Transport Police Assistant Chief Constable.

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May, U.K Prime Minister reached an agreement and suspended all national campaigning in the general election until further notice. The Press Association disclosed this.

In line with the regular meetings after any major incidents, May will hold an emergency COBRA meeting at In the meeting, government ministers, military chiefs as well security chiefs will be present, and the threat level will be reviewed.