Just at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, Nicki Minaj threw shade at Miley Cyrus as she performed ‘Malibu.’

The world read how Nicki feels about Miley from her facial impression at the Billboard performance. While Miley emotionally performed her new song which is dedicated to Liam Hemsworth, her fiancé, she was caught trying to fight back her tears. Sitting in the front row was Nicki, she was at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, she chuckled with a facial appearance that many read a lot of meaning off it. In fact, the toothy grin portrays a whole lot about how she feels about Miley.

It is obvious that Nicki still seems somehow since Drake openly called an end to his long-standing grudge with Ludacris.

The beef between Miley and Nicki

Nicki’s grudge for Miley can be traced back to 2015 when Miley voiced what she feels about Nicki’s Anaconda not being among the nominated – this was before the MTV’s Video Music Awards. In response to what Miley said, Nicki threw shots at Miley, asking her what’s good? Also, she said that Miley has a lot to say about her. From the way things are, it appears that Nicki is yet to forget what transpired between Miley Cyrus and her.

It was a restless night for Nicki at the BBMAs; she had an exciting performance as she kicked off the show with Lil Wayne and Jason Derulo. Also, Drake didn’t stop to profess his love to Nicki, as he proclaimed that in various acceptance speeches. Nicki may not just get rid of the grudge she may have with Miley, but speculations have it that Drake may talk her into doing that. Afterall, OVO said that all is on earth just for a limited period.