Former France and Juventus Legend, David Trezeguet, has issued a warning to Mbappe regarding his alleged potential move to a top club in Europe.

Trezeguet added his voice to the list of top French football stakeholders who are calling on the 18-year-old striker to spend at least a season at Monaco before making a move to a top European club.

David Trezeguet made his thought known during a chat with French journalists in Monaco. He said;

“A lot of people have been giving opinions regarding his future. But personally, I think and hope that he stays in Monaco for at least a year and establish himself as a better player. We shouldn’t forget the fact that he is only 18 and he still has a lot of years ahead of him. He needs more time to develop himself before moving to a top European club because it seems everyone wants to move to the elite clubs in Europe”

David Trezeguet who also played for Monaco made reference to the case of Antonio Martial who is currently struggling at Manchester United after making the transfer to the English Premier league in 2016.

“It is important for him to Monaco so he wouldn’t suffer the same fate as Anthony Martial of Monaco, who is currently struggling at Manchester United. When players leave Lique one for a more advanced league, they usually have problems. So, it is important that Mbappe gives himself more time to develop and become a better footballer for both Monaco and France.”

However, it remains to be seen if Mbappe and Monaco can resist the overtures from top clubs. As there are reports that Manchester City is planning a world record bid for the young French star, who has had a stellar season with 15 goals in Ligue one and 25 goals in all competition for Monaco. As the club went on to break the hold of Paris Saint-Germain, the winners of the Lique one title in the last 3 years.