Oscar-nominated actor Tom Hardy is marking a big return to movie theatres, portraying Eddie Brock, one of superman’s sworn enemies in Venom, a movie that is underway and will be produced by Sony Pictures.

This is not the first time  for Hardy to portray a fictional, based-on-a-comic-book character; he partook in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, representing “the Breaker of the Bat” Bane. Hardy, however, is taking fictional, comic characters to a whole new level as he will perform as Eddie Brock in Sony’s Spider-Man-based film, Venom.

Production starts this fall

Venom is to be released next year, moreover, Sony has announced that the movie is on the top of its list of productions.

Sony Production tweeted, “Tom Hardy is Eddie Brock in #Venom, the upcoming film from Sony’s Marvel Universe releasing October 5, 2018 – production starts this fall”

The cast includes Zombieland’s director Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), Amy Pascal, Palak Patel and Eric Fineman. The storyline has not been revealed yet; however, Sony’s marvel Universe reassures its fans that the movie will be peerless and would not be counted as a regular spin-off.

The role Hardy plays in the coming movie is a freelance photographer who gets infected by an alien and gets transformed into a half-human, half alien villain – who perceives Spider-Man as his sworn enemy. Venom has been perceived as a villain and an anti-hero.

Sony entered into a contract with Disney’s Marvel Studios to draw Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe of the Avengers.

Where are the 80s heroes?

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Hardy barnded nowadays portrials of superheros as ‘boring’ and their role is not that effective.

“One was allowed to express personal characteristics,” he told The Sunday Times about  heroes of the 1980s. “Now you’ve got to look like you’ve just come off a vegan diet, gone to the gym, part Navy Seal, really clean-valued, clean-living, moralistic – and then you go out and save the world from an impending danger that isn’t really dangerous at all.”