Columbia legal guru Marrick Garlands, who had been disregarded by republican lawmakers for a post at the nation’s highest court, is not interested in being the new director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, states his pal.

Talk of him came to the surface when the Majority’s lawmaker’s head Mitchie McCornel stated his recommendation to American leader for the position at the highest courts.
A hunt for an alternative had gone on right from the time the president sacked Comney amidst a backdrop of contentions some days ago.

However Garlands seems content at his present post, with no desire whatsoever to leave the courtroom and direct the Federal Bureau of Investigations, going by reports reaching AP, who has spoken with Garlands’ old-time friend.
Past American leader Obama had appointed him to take up position at a federal courthouse following the demise of Antonio Scalias, yet Garlands refused to at least sit for an examination.
Garlands hold a for-life position of importance in the United States Courts of Appeal for the Columbian region.

For the meantime, Texas’ Senator Johns Coriyn informed the present government of his disinterest in the position as head of the security agency. Also, another majority party member who was called up as an alternative replacement, Representative Terry Gawdy from Southern Caroline at the beginning of the week, expressed a disinterest from going for the post.