A girl was kidnapped in front of her shocked father yesterday when a man took his car whilst the girl was inside.

At around 6.30pm, Beatrice Felicia, 6, went out with her dad at what was supposed to be a meeting to sell the family’s car.


The meeting was at Jet petrol station, Leyton High Road, about two miles north of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

However, the situation went bad when the man who was disguised as a possible buyer stole his Volkswagen in Leyton, East London, and walked away while Beatrice was still sitting in the car’s back seat.

Police then hunted down the man for almost three hours. Fortunately, Beatrice was eventually found by the police in a local district around 9:00pm and was “safe and well.”

The man wasn’t arrested yet. Even thought it was clear that the man was stealing the car but police believe that he didn’t plan that the father’s daughter would be inside the car.

It is believed that as soon as the man found out the girl was sitting in the back seat, he abandoned her and left. Police stated that the girl was found by her grandmother.


IA Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: “At this stage it is not known how and where Beatrice got out of the car, nor the exact location where she was seen by her grandmother.

“Neither Beatrice nor her grandmother speak English. They will be spoken to by police officers in due course.”

An employee at the garage commented: “I remember the daddy was crying outside, but I didn’t see the girl and I didn’t see the kidnapper.”

Social media activists wrote on Facebook: “How awful for that little girl who is in the stolen car!”

Another person tweeted: “Good lord. I hope she’s found safe and unharmed. I can’t imagine the emotional mess and panic the parents must be experiencing.”