Jessica Alba‘s Honest Company is downright asking customers to retrieve some of their baby wipes due to potential recalling some of its lots of baby wipes due to the potential speculations over the presence of mould.

The Honest company sells lifestyle products for children and families issued a statement, saying that the mould present in the baby wipes is unnecessarily dangerous; however, they released the statement “out of abundance of caution,” according to Honest Company’s statement.

The return is fully refunded

The Company sold the wipes in configurations of 10, 72, 288 and 576-count packages, the wipes are also purchased from Honest Diaper Cakes, Baby Basics Gift Set and Baby Arrival Gift Set.

In the statement released, the company says that no other products are affected by the mold or by potential decay to retrieve. It also reads that customers can return the products to the places where they purchased the baby wipes and retrieve their money. If customers are to check products, they should enter their lot number in the search field.

Alba and her company face lawsuits

Actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba and The Honest Company have long been facing lawsuits over the efficiency of their product since the company’s inauguration in 2011.

However, Alba and the Honest Company have constantly defended their products, asserting they are safe and function well.

Alba told Architectural Digest, “I never think of myself as ‘Jessica Alba the Actress’ unless I’m going to a premiere of a movie and someone is asking me for my autograph. Outside of that, I always think of myself as ‘Jessica who works at The Honest Company,’” the actress-entrepreneur and mother of two.”

The Honest Company told PEOPLE, “We have determined the cause of this issue and are actively taking steps to ensure that this does not happen again. We take our responsibility to our customers seriously and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. As always, we remain committed to providing trusted and effective products, and to the health, well-being and satisfaction of our customers”.